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We were bitten by the silkie chicken bug a few years ago and started a small breeding program with our white bearded silkies. Since then we have added a few different varieties. We started in chickens to have fresh, healthier eggs and meat for ourselves and our dogs...then we found these beauties. Silkies are adorable and sweet chickens that make wonderful pets. Even the roos are sweet.  If you are interested in owning our silkies see below for availability.





                                   "Olive", best silkie and champion featherleg Southern Indiana Poultry Club against some nice competition.



                                 "Rachel", another 2012 pullet produced here. 

                                        A lovely shot of my young Rachel on a breezy day.


                                     Above, another young pullet, "Betty White".


                          Cute silkie bum...                                     and young, comical chicks.

Initial white breeding stock came from Geri Godina, from Catdance, Northwoods, and Sassy. White is my favorite variety.
All of my birds are bearded. I cull heavily for type, wings, and light skin - keeping only the best. I can't keep many, so the birds in my breeding pen are exceptional or they go.  I usually have pq chicks and older birds available.  Shipping available, weather permitting.
See below for information regarding our new varieties.

                         These birds are so much fun! Everyone should have a few!

                                                             Baby Olive

Our new Grays

I was very fortunate to obtain these beauties from Donna McCormick. I met Donna this past spring and she has taught me so much already. It is well known that Donna had the best grays anywhere.  The birds below were her pride and joy grays and I will do my best to continue her hard work and lines.  I have my work cut out for me despite having these, as gray is the hardest variety to work on as I have been told.  My focus will be the true "chinchilla" gray coloring which is different than silver partridge in that there is no penciling on a true gray.  I will not be selling eggs or chicks from these birds but will offer started birds on occasion.
You can see more of Donna's past birds here.






 Our blacks also came from Donna and are ten generations pure black.  The original birds came from KD Silkies and Donna preserved the variety by only breeding black to black...she didn't even have a BBS pen (blue,black splash).  We will keep this pen pure.                  





Feel free to contact us for availability. 


Boris is the flock guardian and what an awesome dog. He saved one of my silkie hens from a hawk last fall.  She lost her wing, but she survived.
  He is also always on "possum patrol", dispatching the poor things as soon as they are over the fence.


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