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After some thought we decided on Gray Hill Silkies for our farm name.  Two reasons, we breed and exhibit the gray variety and we live at the very top of what has always been called "Gray Hill" in Solsberry,IN.  Please excuse the images with "Tip's Whites" on them as that was before I had other varieties aside from white and before we moved to Gray Hill.

We breed white, gray, buff, and blue/splash bearded silkies.  We do not sell eggs or chicks (except culls) but do offer started birds.  White is my favorite variety and the reason I fell in love with silkies.  Of all my varieties I am most stingy with my whites! If you just want some of these beauties for pets/lawn ornaments I can definitely help you now.  If you are a breeder/exhibitor please contact me to be put on my waiting list.

All of my birds are bearded. I cull heavily for type, wings, and light skin - keeping only the best. I can't keep many, so the birds in my breeding pen are exceptional or they go.  I usually have pq chicks and older birds available.  Shipping available, weather permitting.





                                   "Olive", best silkie and champion featherleg Southern Indiana Poultry Club against some nice competition.



                                 "Rachel", another 2012 pullet produced here. 

                                        A lovely shot of my young Rachel on a breezy day.


                                     Above, another young pullet, "Betty White".


                          Cute silkie bum...                                     and young, comical chicks.

Initial white breeding stock came from Geri Godina, from Catdance, Northwoods, and Sassy. Initial gray and buff came from Donna McCormick.


                                                             Baby Olive







Pictures of our buffs and blue/splash coming soon...

Feel free to contact us for availability.        

Boris is the flock guardian and what an awesome dog. He saved one of my silkie hens from a hawk last fall.  She lost her wing, but she survived.
  He is also always on "possum patrol", dispatching the poor things as soon as they are over the fence.


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