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We are located in Solsberry, Indiana. We raise chihuahuas for ourselves, both to love and show. Occasionally we have pet puppies or adult dogs available. We do not have puppies available always, and we do not breed to sell dogs or make money.  However we do take great pride in providing that perfect new addition to your family.

Our goal is to preserve our wonderful breed while improving health naturally.  Much work is needed in several areas pertaining to health as well as conformation.  We do not breed for extremes such as seen in type or size. A chi should look like a chi with large ears, eyes, and a lovely and sweet expression. We seek balance in body with properly angulated rears and fronts with level toplines allowing for swift and efficient movement.

As stewards of the breed it is our responsibility to breed only healthy dogs while still maintaining the type, temperament and essentially, the true chihuahua.  Much work goes into each breeding and even more work into each litter.  It is a never-ending goal richly rewarded by that sweet puppy breath, that beautiful and healthy champion, and that happy new owner.

Our dogs are raised as naturally as possible. We provide a species appropriate diet and take great care to create a healthy immune system, naturally.


We cherish our breed and abide by the Chihuahua Club of America's code of ethics.

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